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Sophisticated Data Matching Solutions

AuthenticAID™ provides sophisticated data matching solutions engineered and proven to reduce improper payments and maximize revenue recovery for government agencies. We are process experts, layering human analysis on top of proprietary algorithms that drive efficient self-pay and offset-based collection programs.



Proven Revenue Recovery Solutions

AuthenticAID™ processes have been built and refined over more than eight years of deep partnerships with government agencies. We have built unique, successful revenue recovery solutions around each and every engagement.



Decrease Costs, Maximize Revenue

The AuthenticAID™ team decreases costs, maximizes revenue, and aligns operations by transforming and augmenting existing business practices. We work to meet your goals, identify opportunities for infrastructure improvement, and maximize your returns by providing low-cost, high-productivity solutions.



Committed to Industry-Leading Security Controls

There is nothing more important than security when dealing with sensitive, personally identifiable information. AuthenticAID™ clients count on our commitment to industry-leading security controls at all times. Our systems are audited annually to ensure compliance with FISMA, NIST SP800-53, PCI-DSS, and SSAE 16, among other standards.

Neither AuthenticAID nor any of our affiliates have ever experienced a breach of data.



AuthenticAID™ has mitigated millions of dollars in erroneous payments

AuthenticAID™ has mitigated millions of dollars in erroneous payments for revenue departments and other public agencies across the nation through enhanced use of the Treasury Offset Program (TOP). Additionally, our inherent data cleansing procedures dramatically improve the global file integrity of government debt portfolios.