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Balaji Rajan

Balaji “Raj” Rajan is Chief Executive Officer of Ceannate Corp., a leading business process outsourcing firm. Raj is responsible for the overall strategy of the Ceannate companies, which employ over 900 individuals across four wholly-owned subsidiaries. In addition to serving as CEO, Raj is also a member of the Ceannate Corp. Board of Directors.

While maintaining an active role across all subsidiary operations, Raj focuses primarily on product development and government affairs. Raj works to bring the company’s expertise to bear in the development of public policy relating to financial literacy, financial aid practices, and student loan management. Most recently, he has authored two opinion pieces on those topics: “Student Loan System Needs an Overhaul” (The Hill) and “How Congress Can Fix the Student Debt Crisis” (Roll Call).

Maureen Peterson

As President and Chief Operating Officer of Ceannate Corp., Maureen Peterson is responsible for operations across all Company subsidiaries, including the FMS subsidiary’s Task Order operations for the U.S. Department of Education. Since joining Ceannate in 2008, she has led the Company through a period of unprecedented growth. The formation of i3 Group, followed by iontuition, effectively expanded the Company’s service offerings to higher education institutions with an emphasis on student-facing web services. Maureen is also a member of Ceannate’s Board of Directors.

Maureen previously served as the President of Van Ru Credit Corporation, where she grew the organization to over 1,400 employees and achieved top rankings across all competitive client contracts.

Dwight Vigna

As the Senior Vice President of AuthenticAID, Inc., Dwight Vigna’s leadership and experience, which includes management of a large government credit portfolio, vendor management, performance-based contracting, and systems and technology integration, are valuable assets for AuthenticAID clients.

Prior to joining AuthenticAID, Dwight spent nearly a decade managing the defaulted portfolio of Title IV debt for the Department of Education. Although the work he is doing now is a direct departure from his previous responsibilities at the Department, Dwight’s record of government service reflects an ongoing dedication to improving government agency efficiencies and performance.

Joe Buscaino

Joe Buscaino serves as the Vice President of Operations for AuthenticAID, Inc. With nearly 25 years of experience in receivables management, Joe has held multiple senior positions directing, managing, and supporting numerous task order operations for the U.S. Department of Education. Joe has established a diverse set of skills, showcased throughout his work with Ceannate Corp.’s President and CEO on various projects, from handling start-up contracts to managing non-performing operations.

In 2006, as a consultant for Ceannate, Joe was instrumental in guiding the FMS subsidiary to its first place ranking on the U.S. Department of Education debt collection task order. He has a passion for bringing people, technology, and processes together and has been instrumental to the organization’s success through his capacities. Most recently, Joe served as Vice President of Human Capital for Ceannate.

Laura Adkins

Laura Adkins is the Program Manager for AuthenticAID, Inc. Laura has 19 years of experience managing activities related to the collection of delinquent debt through the Treasury Offset Program for both AuthenticAID and the Department of Agriculture. Prior to her work with AuthenticAID, Laura was the Program Manager for the National Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Work Group for the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA. Laura’s efforts have made significant impacts on data integrity and revenue results for a varied set of public agencies. In 2007, Laura was awarded the Secretary’s Honor Award from the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for “outstanding work…that led to the recovery of over $1 billion in delinquent debts…”  The Honor Awards are the most prestigious awards given by the USDA.