TOP Collected $3.0 Billion in Delinquent Debt Last Year

Since 2012, annual Federal collections of debts owed to states through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) have been between $3.0 and $3.2 billion dollarsThe five federal-state programs under TOP collected over $3 billion dollars in the 2016 fiscal year.

TOP delinquent debt collection totals

Despite the success of these programs, there are millions left uncollected due to missing data that can help increase data matches between tax refunds and the state’s certification information.  The TOP program has additional data processes that allow states to submit more than one name for a certified debt without having to do through the certification process. Some states consistently perform at higher collection rates than others thanks to the advanced processes brought by AuthenticAID’s TOPAID service.  TOPAID maximizes revenue recovery for State partners in TOP.

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