TOP Feature: Unemployment Insurance Compensation

The Treasury Offset Program (TOP) implemented the Unemployment Insurance Compensation debt program in early 2011. TOP allows the comparison of tax refund records with record of debts submitted to Fiscal Services by states. Matches are made between taxpayers and the names on delinquent debt records. Fiscal Services then reduces the taxpayer’s federal tax refund payment to pay the debtor’s past-due amount.

In the first four years of the program, TOP, with support from the Department of Labor and the IRS, recovered more than $1 billion in delinquent unemployment insurance benefit debt for states.

With no statute of limitations on collection, no state residency requirement, and no fraud requirement in order to collect, 43 states and the District of Columbia have enrolled in Unemployment Insurance Compensation debt program with more states expected to join this year.

Authenticaid’s TOPAID service can maximize your unemployment insurance offset by providing data matching, mining, and validation of your delinquent debt records. Contact us today to learn more.